A surprise(SLBCJames)

From Create Your Own Story

It's been a long few days, Tyrone as called three times a day for his selfie and each time you sent him one he sent a selfie back of himself naked with his black cock hard and oiled, now Friday had come round, with your son leaving for college today there's nothing keeping him away. You look at the package laying next to you on your bed, he had called at three am again to tell you it was outside the front door and you retrieved and waited for the call to tell you to open it, you grab your cellphone as soon as it rings.

"Yes Tyrone."

"Daddy, from now on you call me Daddy."

"Yes Daddy." You're old enough to be his father and the humiliation at calling him daddy burns your cheeks.

"Today you will wear black stockings with suspender belt and a black lace thong with matching bra, now go put them on send me a selfie and I'll call you back with the next instructions."

The line goes dead, you don't know when he searched your wife's closet, you know he has as he seems familiar with it's contents. You quickly shower and dry yourself before putting them on and sending him the selfie, you keep hold of the cellphone and answer it as it rings.

"Yes Daddy."

"Open the box and tell me what you see?"

You open the box and on top lies a black garter.

"A black garter."

"Put it on." You slide it up your leg.

"Its on Daddy."

"Now Mark is leaving just before lunch once you've waved him goodbye you will go up to your room put on make-up which will include red nail polish and red lip gloss and then one of your wife's blond wigs, you will then put on the rest of the items in the box and be waiting by the front door for my knock."

You go back to the box and remove the tissue paper covering it, you're shocked to see a dog collar complete with chain leash, there is a tag on the collar you lean over to read it and it says "Daddy's Bitch".


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