A portrait of an American Girl Named Myra

From Create Your Own Story

You are Myra. Fresh out of high school and ripe with the education that will keep you alive, you face a new day: Following is a portrait of the crucial points in your life, which you will remember eternally, or possibly not--if you fail to survive.

We start at age 18, but life is filled with many years. How long you live depends on your ability to make the right decisions.

The scenarios will be specific; e.g., if you are attending school, or working at a job, the means on achieving those things will not be detailed unless they are relevant to the scenario.

All decisions carry crucial consequences. Each scenario will be based around something Myra wants to do or have. If you fail a scenario, thus not achieving what Myra wants, the story will end (as will Myra).

A score rating will accompany each page, along with current age. Consider it a Modesty score, where 10 points means excellent modesty and a beautiful state of mind, while a score of -10 means a wretched and depressed state. Your reaction to each scenario will be based on your current Modesty score. Goodluck.


Modesty 7 Partners:

None; you're still a virgin!

Condoms 1
Age 18


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