A normal guy living in a bad neighborhood

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Welcome to St. Clair.

You're just your average Joe living in the middle of one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country. Tough is an understatement. You do more surviving than living here.

Dark alleys, bums in all places - hell, having a roof over your head doesn't make it any less safe than being out on the street. People you can trust is hard to come by, and you make sure to try to stay out of trouble. The place here has more unsolved murders than Miami, Texas, and New York City combined. This place even has Australia's animal hazard beat!

It's a bad place to live. Most folks have tried to get out. Best get your car and loved ones out on the road first chance you get. If you have a car that is. And loved ones who haven't sold you out - which happens, by the way. Most of the women and children were relocated by the government, but that's all they ever did. All the crime that's left still happens.

You moved here when both of your parents passed away when you were a kid. With no place to go you moved here with your Grandma. She kept you safe as much as she could. And she looked out for you while you grew up. Had only enough money to send you away, but she'd rather stay here to raise you herself than let you go on your own.

And boy could she swing a bat. Send any guy out the door as soon as they got in. You had a relatively safe childhood, but that's all in the past now.

It wasn't until she passed away a few years back that your now on your own.

It's morning and your laying in bed. Sunlight peers through the cracks in the window blinds and shine towards your face.

Wake uP

Refuse to wake up

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