A new and horrible family

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Holly, and have long tit leangth blond hair, DD tits, a perfect bubble butt and a curvy figure. You were a happy girl with a perfect life. At least until you parents were arrested for murder and you were moved away to a family in a nearby city. You are bing briefed on the family that has taken you in. They have two childeran, a 19 year old girl and a 16 year old boy about your age. They live about 10 miles into the forest and their is only one road two and from their house. There is a school 30mins away that both their childeran attend. There is currently 2 weeks left of the summer holiday. You also leant that they were a very will of family and they owned lots of property in the nearby city.

You are dropped off outside the gates of the house as you walk through the gates scirting round the large patches of mud yoou hear a car comming up the road behind you. You turn around to llok at it just as it passes you and get sprayed by a shower of mud coating you and your suitcase full of clothes in mud. THe car pulls up infrount of the house which you oly jst noticed as you were consentraiting on avoiding the mud ad find that it is massive, well not that massive but it seems like it to you. It is buld outo f stone and must be about 3 times the sise of your old one and then you notice the outdoor swimming pool and jacusi.

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