A handsome man in a place like this

From Create Your Own Story

With long blond hair and fair skin and a light beard growing on your face. You where popular with men with superiority complexes. Those who enjoyed the idea of dominating a member of a supposedly savage race. Sadly neither your sexy charm or your brute strength can save you now. Added to the list of executions you are second in line for the chopping block.

As you bend over and accept your death a dragon lands on the tower behind the executioner and he is knocked to the floor. All hell breaks loose and you take this opening to flee. You run and duck under and run around flaming debris as Helgan was literally falling down around you. At one point you see a Stormcloak soilder you recognize from the cart you came here on. He seems to be trying to escape the burning city.

You also notice an Imperial trying to get people to help him fight the dragon with him. Or at least to stay and help those in need. Now you have two options.

Help the Imperial

Join the Stormcloak and escape.

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