A cock is forced up your ass

From Create Your Own Story

A dick is forced into your asshole with no warning and no lube. As you try to scream in surprise, a hand covers your mouth while another arm grabs your waist, pinning your arms to your side. You try to kick your assailant, but you just slip and force his throbbing cock into you even further. Whoever he is, he is really strong as he is able to lift you up and down on his manhood without any trouble. You scream and thrash without any effect as he mercilessly ravages your insides. You moan with shame as he thrusts into your prostate over and over again. He doesn't say a word, just grunts and growls like a feral animal as he fucks you. You're both soon sweating like crazy and the scent of sex fills the room, driving you insane. You can't even think anymore, all you care about is the feeling of that cock inside you. Soon your moaning and pushing back to meet his thrusts as you become lost in the pleasure. He notices the change and gets even rougher with you, going harder and faster into your ass without a thought towards you. The feeling of being treated so roughly is too much and you feel yourself tightening your body as you get ready. You let out one single moan as thick ropes of cum shoot out of your dick and onto the floor. He feels you tense and prepares for his own orgam. His hips don't stop moving as he lets cum fill up your ass. Even though you cum longer than most people, it is still nothing compared to the bucketfuls of jizz pouring into your body. He keeps fucking you and you can't do anything until he starts to slow down. He then pulls out, stuffs his dick back into his pants, and leaves you collapsed face-first on the ground with a waterfall of jizz leaking out of your ass. You spend another few minutes lying on the floor before recovering from your total domination and cleaning the bathroom, and yourself, up.

Leave the restroom

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