A boat called the Prince of Mulan

From Create Your Own Story

The boat contains five people. We have a nerdy quiet 18 year old girl called Bree Sorrels who both admires and resents the achievements of her 21 year-old sister Anna Sorrels.

Speaking of Anna Sorrels, she's also on the ship. Anna is uncomfortable with displays of wealth given her middle-class background which jars against her 18 year-old black boyfriend Joseph's privileged upbringing.

Speaking of Joseph, he's also on the ship. He's an educated Ivy League student seeking new thrills.

Also on the boat is Joseph's 21 year-old sister, Christie. She is brash and self-absorbed.

Finally, we have the boat's 35 year old captain Fletcher Deforges who has hired the boat out to the others.

You decide to insert yourself into their lives by hiding out inside a plane wreckage that Anna and Joseph are about to dive. They find your lamp and take it back to their boat. Now, you need to get some wishes made.

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