A USA commander

From Create Your Own Story

You are Anthony Coel, a 27 year old sergeant in the US army. A resident of New Jersey, you were shocked when the GPD seceded. Immediately, you were called into service, being given command of a group of roughly a dozen soldiers. A relatively small group, but you were only 27. Your job was to scout out areas for civilians and weapons caches, and were not supposed to engage the enemy.

As a commander, you have to command the respect of your group, keep them in line, and keep them focused. While your group was predominantly male, there were a few women in your squad. Clinton had opened up the military to women, allowing for both sexes to be ground troops. Some agreed with this, while others didn't, but it was your job to keep both inline.

Climbing out of your bed, you get ready to face the day.

What Happens?

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