A Sir knight

From Create Your Own Story

Its cold when you awake. The kind of cold that creeps through the heavy fur pelts and thin sleeping garments you wear and settles into your bones. Shivering you open your eyes to the the dim sun of the early morning. The only sound in the room is the breathing of your pet hound who lies at your feet dreaming about whatever dogs love to dream about. Your chambers are large but almost empty. your thick feather stuffed bed sits in the center of the stone room, unlit torches sit on stands nearby and a thick bear skin lays on the floor between your bed and the wide mouth of a glass less window. Slowly you realize you will not be falling back asleep and you sit up. You rub sleep from your eyes and swing your body out of bed. You wonder if your servants are up yet as you stretch the stiffness from your limbs.

Do you:

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