A Practical Approach

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You are a girl who signs up for a program where you need to demonstrate sexual behavior during sex ed. You do this because it pays 100.000 dollars a year, and you need the money.

Please do not defer from that storyline.

A practical approach

You are an 18 year old girl named Kelly Stirling, in your final year of high school. You are blonde, with an athletic build most girls would kill for. Your breasts are a firm C cup, and your ass has a nice shape.

One morning, you roll out of your bed. Your room is a mess. You didn't clean up last night, or this past week. Actually, you haven't cleaned up in here at all. Not since you moved out of your parents house a year ago and moved in here. Thinking of that puts you in a panic. If you don't get a job soon, you'll have to move back in with your parents, because even this cheap-ass apartment is too expensive.

Roll out of bed and take a shower

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