A Planet Creator

From Create Your Own Story

You want to be a Planet Creator? All right then. You are one.

Now you have been born into your new homeworld- err... homespace. It seems you have just popped into existence.

You look about, power surging through your body. An old-looking planet floats next to you. The planet's heat and lack of atmosphere make it almost impossible for fragile life to develop on it, so it is merely floating, inert, through space.

As a newborn Planet Creator, you cannot resist the natural urge to make an ocean and an atmosphere for this homely bit of rock. Swirls of hydrogen ions and electrons erupt from your fingertips. Through means you do not yourself quite understand, you have finely crafted a massive stretch of water and a gorgeous layer of ozone.

It seems that some form of life might subsist here now.

Do you:

Create Some Plants

Create A Human

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