A Person Who Wants To Be A Pokemon

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So you want to take on the role, of a person who wants to be a Pokemon. Okay, first for everything i guess. (notes will be in Italic text it may be to update you on the situation or to get someone elses opinion.)

You were just returning from the Pokemon club you started going to a couple of weeks ago, and tonight you were discussing about what you would do if you were a Pokemon.

I think it is pretty sad for a 17 yr old boy to think that someday, they could turn into a Pokemon, but that's you i guess.

On your way home, it was pretty dark, and all the street lights were going out. You start to get worried since its only 5:13, in the middle of the summer and its pitch black... its meant to be light...

all of a sudden you trip over an open man cover, down an endless pit with walls of pure gold. the walls start getting smaller an... BEEP BEEP ...get very sic... BEEP BEEP ...

It was just a dream... but you thought to yourself, "what was going to happen?"

You get out of bed and trudge down the stairs to find your mum making Sunday morning pancakes. you pick up a plate from the cupboard and slide two pancakes onto your plate.

After you finish your chocolate smothered pancakes you go get dressed for work... at the local game store.

do you-

Call a taxi

Ask your mum for a lift

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