A New Life

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up and look around your hospital room. It's been months since you've seen anything else. A strange man is standing over you. He is dressed in all white and as he notices you are awake, he speaks.

"Sir, I'm here to give you a refund."

You stare at him a moment then smile blackly.

"Buddy, you have a really bad sense of timing. What do I need a refund for? I'll be dead in a week."

"Well, Sir, that's exactly why you need a refund. We gave you a defective life the first time around. You never really had a shot."

"Wait. "Defective life"? Who the hell are you? Who the hell is we? What the hell do you mean by "refund"?"

"Sir, I don't have much time. Quickly pick an option."

The faces of four people suddenly flash in your mind, so quickly that you're not sure if that actually happened. You sit up and scowl at the man. "Damn right you don't. Either explain yourself now or I'll call the nurse."

The man in white doesn't seem perturbed by your threat. "I have no time for idle threats." His voice is a shade more annoyed and...is that fear you can hear? "Choose now."

"Idle threat? Buddy, if you really think I'm not-"

"NOW!" The man's voice suddenly...changes. His voice is loud enough to echo in the room but the echo sounds...strange. It sounds less like a actual reflection of a noise and more like the idea of what a echo should be, more...abstract for lack of a better word. Somebody should have heard him yell but you're not entirely sure if the echo even counts a sound other people can hear.

And that's only the echo. Your desires suddenly take a complete 180. You feel compelled to give this man an answer just when you were about to call a nurse to get him out of here. You hear yourself say...

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