A Nerd

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Warning. This story line is in a world where murder is legal and everyone has a hyper libido. There is no underage and everyone is 18 at least. If you read the warning you should know this is a gay rape/death story, so don't be too surprised when, not if, somebody dies and no one cares. Cock vore may be in this story (look it up). If it is, I will mark the link with a CV. You have been warned.

You are a nerd. This means that you are quiet and shy in a cute kind of way. You do not have sex with anyone but yourself and are therefore desperate for contact. The very notion is enough to get you to do dangerously stupid things. As stated before, you are not bad looking, just kind of small and thin. Although, since you are a gay sub, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Plus you have a decent sized cock with respectable girth. Your balls, however, are extraordinary. They are not only huge, but they have let you cum 6 times in one day. Due to the amount of seed they produce, your orgasms last a lot longer than normal. You are 20 years old and you live with your father, 18 year old brother, and 24 year old brother. Family is usually the most trust worthy so a law was put into place to have college students receive extra benefits for living with their families after dorm room kids kept disappearing. A bus system was put in place for those who were in college, lived with their families, and do not have car as well. Morning time

Are you:

Completely fine?

Driping pre all over your bedsheets?

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