A KlAksakAR's adventures in the Empire of MikkoMMM

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This is an old discontinued version. I've since moved on to use Twine.

Setting: A science-fantasy setting called "the fantasy world of MikkoMMM". The setting is about a long-lasting war between demigods and their struggles to conquer or destroy the universe. Most of the material about it is only available in Finnish. However, it's not necessary knowledge for this story since it is told from the point of view of a more average inhabitant of the universe.

Starting location: The Ideal and All Others Obviating Top Hat Factory. The Ideal and All Others Obviating Top Hat Factory is situated on the Factory Planet, as it is familiarly called (the real name almost nobody can remember anyway), which is a 1.19 Earth mass planet with a 1.07 G gravity and orbits around a red dwarf. Most of its surface is filled by living spaces and the factory which has the mission of trying to research and produce the "ideal top hat". It's one of many projects of MikkoMMM to bolster his authority. However, it's common knowledge on the planet that it's looked as a frivolous and an unnecessary job by most of the employees who are forced to work there. Only about one millionth of the top hats ever even pass quality control and MikkoMMM is never known to have used any of them. Is it perhaps a time for a change?

Species: KlAksakAR. KlAksakAR are small, six-limbed sort of iguana-shaped furry creatures with a row of spikes on their back. Their fur has specially evolved to capture raindrops from the air, making it unnecessary for them to drink when in their natural habitat, a sort of an alien rainforest. However, on the Factory Planet they have to use an air-moisturizing environmental suit since it's not their homeworld. The spikes formed out of a cartilage-like substance (which grows according to environmental cues to the correct size for their current habitat) and their long tongue help them to get rid of excess heat. They've got sturdy claws and a friction-improving pattern of ridges on their four long and narrow digits that have a wide range of motion on each of their six limbs. Their four hind-limbs are fairly autonomous of their brain, the main purpose of them being clinging on to whatever surface they are climbing. However, that leaves their two front limbs free to do whatever they wish. The KlAksakAR have got binocular and pentachromatic vision reaching into near ultraviolet, although otherwise only decent eyesight, fairly good hearing, bad olfaction, and fairly good tactile perception. They are a social species and between orangutans and humans in intelligence. They are omnivores, although their prey is small and they have to eat a lot of it.


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