A Family Matter

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Steph. You're a young 14 year old blonde girl that lives with her 38 year old mother, 40 year old father, and 12 year old sister. Your blonde hair reaches just past your shoulders and you usually tie it back in a plain ponytail. You are 5'4" with blue eyes, a slender figure and 32AA breasts.

Yesterday was your first day of Sex Ed Class. Before yesterday you never knew that girls could masturbate and orgasm. It was something you thought only guys could do. It was the first time you've ever been eager to try out something you learned in class. That night you slipped out of your pajamas and slide a finger down along your clit. It felt amazing! You hardly got any sleep as you touched yourself throughout the night, exploring your body and awakening to new feelings.

However now it is morning and time to get up. You slip your white cotton panties back up to your waist and straighten your nightie. You notice the bathroom is empty and you could go hop in the shower quickly, but your tummy also grumbles in hunger.

Do you:

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