A Distress Signal

From Create Your Own Story

"WARNING" You awake to a sudden shock, as you hear an alarm you only recognise from evacuation drills. "THIS IS NOT A DRILL" As the door to you're cryo-chamber opens, you are blasted with a jet of hot air. "PLEASE EVACUATE THE SHIP IMMEDIATELY" You step out of the chamber. As your hearing gets better, you hear air raid sirens, blasting full volume. "30 MINUTES TO SELF DESTRUCT" "whoa..." You mutter to yourself, as you think about how self-destruct sequences were only meant for class D situations, the most dangerous situations of all class situations. You put on your gear as you step out of the room, and grab your shotgun, it's a standard military issue defensive gun with poison-filled rounds. You hear a scream, point your gun towards the loud noise, and fire your gun. You see a large hole, going straight through the strange creatures back, as it lets out a high pitched screech and hits the ground with a meaty thud. You then see a small, black crab-like creature. It jumps up at your head, and hits your face.

Do you:

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