A Craigslist Adventure

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Will, you are a 24 year old software developer currently working from home. It's been 3 months since you and Millie broke up. Even though you'd been together all through university, graduating and entering the real world brought with it certain stresses and realizations and you fairly quickly drifted apart emotionally and sexually. Whether it was because you were unwilling to listen quietly to her dreams of things she she wished she had done, or she was unwilling to try the things you suggested in the bedroom after years of the same, really didn't matter by the end. You came to a mutual, almost wordless, agreement one rainy Sunday to call it a day.

Now single and without any fixed routine, you have to make the effort to be motivated, to keep in shape and to keep up with your work. You've actually started exercising more by cycling when you can, you've grown a short beard, probably just because Millie hated it when you didn't shave, and you've thrown yourself into your work. But when night comes around it's always back to the same thing; you're so fucking horny.

You open a bottle of red and start browsing some of your favorite tube site. The more porn you've been watching recently, the more you've noticed how vanilla it all is, and so the more kinks you've found you like. On your second monitor you open up Craigslist causal encounters in your city, it turns you on to read about real people in your area and the things they are into. Though you always just lurk, reading posts and picturing the posters. Back to the porn, What gets you off tonight comes down to a keyword in a porn search.

Tonight's keyword is:

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