A 16 year old boy on his first raid

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Barely old enough to grow hair on his chin, but just the right age to kill another man. That's how the chief reasoned, and that's why you're marching in the middle of the forest with the other warriors, feeling uncomfortable. The fur vest is too heavy, the bronze helmet too big and your hatchet too ungainly. This was the first time you were using any of it, and now your whole life depended on them.

"The bravest of the brave get to fuck with Annwyenn in the afterlife!" Bjornfor, the leader of your your eight-man raiding party says while pushing a birch branch aside. "We'll spread out, surround it, and then charge in. They can't flee if we're coming from every direction.".

The others nodded and hummed in response, while you were practically ready to wet yourself. Spread out? That meant you'd be facing the enemy alone, and you certainly didn't have a chance against whatever eight-foot berserker the other village had. This whole thing was insane!

After about half an hour however, the group came to a standstill; because up ahead, there was a clearing. A small glade with maybe four or five huts spread around here and there. Outside, a group of people were tending to a big bonfire (most likely preparing for nightfall, when the forest would be pitch black).

After a single nod from Bjornfor, the men crouched down and started skulking to the left and right, sneaking around the village so they formed a big circle of sorts. Then, they all started screaming at the top of their lungs, flailing their weapons as they charged the village.

You however, were:

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