710: Future Assassin

From Create Your Own Story

Everything is blurry, and your head is pounding. You can't remember how you got this way, but you try to remember. Several thoughts pass through your head as your vision goes black.

$1,000,000,000, Kill, Gun, President.

You gulp down your third cup of coffee, and get out of the car. Sliding your legs out of the car, you hop out and close the door, with the door automatically locking as soon as you pull your keys out. Ah, the future of technology, with pointless additions and gimmicks. You trip over the curb, and stumble into a heavy-set man who grunts in annoyance. A nearby guard snorts at your stumble. Good, I'm playing this well you think to yourself. Following security procedures, a muscular man jams your camera into your hands, which you "accidentally" nearly drop, and push your glasses up after they start to fall. The large gate you had jus reached opens, and a meek-looking man greets you all with "Welcome to the White House!"

Follow the meek man inside, avoiding the mouth breathers around you

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