7.9, Game Update

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You are 18 years old and live at home with your mom and twin sister. Your father is a truck driver, which means he is always gone. You do not like living at home, but the economy makes it impossible for you to find work, which means you have no other option.

You are 5'8" tall and in good shape. You have blond hair and blue eyes. Your dick is 8" long and has a massive girth, which means you have never met a woman that can deepthroat you. You have also never been able to find a woman willing to try anal. You have purchased the lube, just in case, but have never been able to use it. You do not have a girlfriend at this time.

Your mom is 42 years old with D cup tits. She is 5'4" tall. She tries to stay in shape, but there is some sagging everywhere. She has red hair and green eyes . Her pubic hair is shaved in the bikini area and trimmed everywhere else. She has remained faithful to your father, but you know she is lonely. She has had anal sex with your father on several occasions. She is an expert in all things sexual.

Your twin sister has C cup tits. She is identical, which means she also has blond hair and blue eyes. She stays in good shape, but her ass is not quite tight. Her pubic hair is trimmed and in the shape of an arrow pointing down. She has a boyfriend, but they just had another in a long line of breakups. She has tried anal once with her boyfriend. She has moderate experience with sex.

The most updated version of your favorite game is finally available. They are supposed to fix all the bugs and add a ton of new content. You start the download and weight anxiously as time ticks by ever so slowly. It must be a massive update, because it is taking forever. Finally, when you can wait no longer, the download completes and you start the game.

Instead of the normal start menu, a series of images flash rapidly on the screen and you are unable to look away. The images all appear to be of a sexual nature, but are flashing too quickly for you to know for certain. You are suddenly filled with thoughts of desires, which is not exactly new, but these are far stronger than anything you have ever experienced. As the images continue to flash, your sexual desire grows and you find yourself with a rock hard cock. It is harder than you have even been. Once the images stop, the desire remains, and the thought the only thought running through your mind is dealing with the problem.

You try to take down your pants in order to jack off, but you are unable to do as you wish. Your arms and hands will not comply. After several agonizing minutes of trying to deal with it yourself, you suddenly know exactly what you have to do. You don't know how you are aware of the solution, but there is no doubt about what you have to do and say to get your problem handled.

You leave your room, knowing that anyone looking will be able to see you have a hard cock aching to be released. It does not matter if anyone can see your dick through your pants. All that matters is getting someone to help you with your problem. You have 3 rooms to choose from and are confidant that either of your sisters or your mom will do what you need in order to gain relief.

Your go to your:

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