5 Fiery Flats

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You are Dan Jones, a horribly single 23-year-old male who has yet to find the girl of his dreams. You don't know why you're having such a tough time either, as you're reasonable built, have a mild tan, and have a well-paying job that requires only a few hours a week.

Either way, all you know is that your life just got a little bit sadder. Your grandfather just past away and he decided to leave his large apartment block to you. It contains several flats, a large penthouse (which will be your new home), a community pool and gym and even its own cinema. You didn't really know your grandfather that well, as he was often living it up, so why he even gave you the apartment is beyond anyone's guess. Anyway, you have called all of the renters down to the Grand Hall so you can introduce yourself to them. There are five groups of people living in your apartment complex.

In Apartment 1 is Clarissa, a heavily pregnant 27-year-old Latino woman who had recently undergone a messy divorce. Apparently, her husband left her to be with his secretary.

In Apartment 2 is Tonya and Wendy, a pair of college-aged girls who are studying to become forensic scientists. Tonya is a clumsy blonde but always means well and is always on the look out for fun. Wendy is a massive bookworm, always wanting to ensure she studies her hardest.

In Apartment 3 is Emily and her teenager children, Matt and Maddie. Emily is deaf but when she got a new job out here, her family moved out of their old home and into the apartment block. Matt and Maddie were against the move though, as their last home was much larger than their current apartment.

In Apartment 4 is Dan and his 10-year-old daughter, Suzie. You don't know much about Dan and Suzie, as Dan is very closely guarded with Suzie in tow at all times. Word is his wife died.

In Apartment 5 is the 13-year-old Mary. Her parents were drug addicts and she was made a ward of the state. However, instead of foster care, your grandfather convinced the system to let her stay here as an emancipated minor, due to "certain difficulties". Despite this, she has a nurse, Miss Bates, come every month to perform a check-up.

After greeting them all and making sure that they knew rent would remain the same, you decide to retire to your penthouse.

Later that night, as your about to turn in, you find a secret switch hidden inside your grandfather's old desk. Upon pressing it, a hidden door open up. As you enter the secret room, you see DVD cases stack one wall and cabinets lining the other. However, there is a large group of monitors set up in front of the small desk. Pressing the "On" button on what you assume is the remote, you are bombarded with a wall of live footage. You realise it's a security room, with camera feeds into every room inside the complex!

After taking some time, you realise the DVDs are moments of the renters at their most sexual! And inside the cabinets are lists of notes about each renter your grandfather learnt while spying on them.

Apparently, Clarissa is a serious sex addict! After her husband left, she wanted to up her sex game but now that her pregnancy has started to hinder her, she has been trying anything to satisfy her sexual needs.

Tonya and Wendy are bisexual lovers, who accidentally met when Tonya spilt horse blood over Wendy's lab coat. Whilst in the college bathroom cleaning up, things got very heated. Just a few clips from their bathroom feed shows you how heated things get, with Tonya often nibbling on Wendy's massive rack. Like seriously, where was she hiding those earlier?

Tonya and Wendy aren't the only lovers in the complex though. Matt and Maddie, despite being related, have a sexual obsession with each other, often having very loud sex. With their mother's hearing impediment, she's none the wiser.

However, even some love can go too far. According to the notes, Dan has been sexually abusing Suzie for the last 6 months. Something about "providing him with the things her mother no longer can."

Finally, you figure out why Mary has Miss Bates come in every so often. Mary's a chimeric hermaphrodite, with a fully functional set of both male and female organs! Miss Bates comes in to ensure she's developing without complication.

Well, that's certainly made for an interesting find. I guess the right question now is, what do you do with this new found knowledge?

Do you:

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