38 36/PunishW

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Husband (You). - Daniel Taylor. 38 years. You keep yourself in good shape. You're pretty tall (6'2) and still quite handsome. You have short hair and brown eyes.
Wife - Janine Taylor. 36 years. She is in the prime of her life: She's got a petite, slender frame, long black hair, blue eyes and huge 36F bust size, which looks huge on her 5'4" body. It's quite obvious from her toned figure that she's keeping herself in good shape as well.
You are living in ordinary suburb. (neighbours)

You have been married about 10 years now and the spark in your relationship has faded away. You were both so focused on your careers when you met, that you decided early on that you weren't going to have any children.
Now, you're both pretty much going through the motions, day to day.

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