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My last story Primal Influence may be a little too complex for many writers to wish to invest their time, and I really want a story writers can get into. So I present . . . 2 Taboo 4 You.

In this story an ancient curse has recently descended on the Southern Californian town of Tabba Valley (Taboo Valley when the kids are being "clever"). The curse was cast upon the town centuries ago while under Spanish rule by a perverted bruja . The curse causes all living things to build sexual need at an accelerated rate, and simultaneously makes normal sex unsatisfying. Only perverse, twisted, and/or taboo sex acts are satisfying. The curse lay dormant until the last of the bruja’s bloodline died . . . which has just happened.

Who are you:

One of the Gundersons:

One of the Lanes:


Want to Contribute? I welcome it, but please read the Editing Rules and Permissions first.

Also, as all the stories are connected, you may want to look over The Timeline Tree witch can be used as a quick reference to collaborate the stories together. The current character you are writing for may take actions different from what is in the time line, but this helps to know where other characters are and what they are doing. (Currently being developed, feel free to contribute but please read the guide at the top of the page before doing so.)

You may also want to read the Supernatural Beings Abilities page. If you add a new type of supernatural being please define their abilities, but don't be surprised if I change those abilities around. Also see the Spells archive for a list of witch, sorcerer, or faith mage spells that are either currently active in the story, can be used by certain magic using characters, or are common staples of spell lore witch a magic using character may consider using.

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