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The summer sun beats down upon your neck as you walk through Bi Naht firebase in northwest South Vietnam, a hell hole surrounded by burned out jungle and elephant grass. Olive green cavalry Hueys sit idly on a patch of red dirt, waiting for action. Your helmet jingles as your make towards the Chow Hall. Jeeps and men move to and fro, all focused on their mundane tasks for the day. You gaze at the horizon, sighing at the prospect of being there, fighting the elusive enemy.

Corporal Donaldson, 2nd Squad's leader, suddenly approaches you from behind. He is a short but stocky native Texan, a recent graduate of the NCO academy. His close cropped ginger hair is tucked neatly below his green, Army issue baseball cap. His blue eyes bulge with enthusiasm. Like all of them, he wanted to be out there.

"Sir," he greets you with a crisp salute. You return the salute and nod. He continues, "Major Ellison would like to speak with you. He says it is urgent."

Do you:

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