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Warning: Might contain strong language and minor sexual references, but WILL contain intense violence

Your name is Davis... Davis Trentavious Greene, everyone just calls you Green Bean, why they do you do not know. When you were nineteen, you were playing baseball with some friends of yours when all of a sudden a man named Joseph, a local store owner came sprinting over. You wondered what was wrong when he started shouting about something on the radio and something somewhere being attacked, you could hardly understand a thing he said he was talking so fast. This was the first you heard of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

A while later, you were sitting at home, comforting your crying mother after your family were told your two brothers was killed in the attack. You wanted to cry but you tried your best to stay strong for her, you hardly talked since then.

Less than a week later, you were at the recruiting station despite your parents anger at you for considering to join. They had killed your brother, the Japanese, you wanted revenge, something to fill the void you felt since they died at the least, you stood in a line for six hours as they processed all the young men with similar stories. You were the only one there who wanted to go with the brand new and by everyone at the stations standards, insane, division. Airborne.

Now you are twenty three, sitting in some old rickety cargo plane; decked out in as much gear as the US Army could afford to weigh you down in. You had gone through Currahee, living hell for the army recruit. You had constantly considered dropping out of the training but after the torture, you made it out as a member of the 101st airborne division. Despite the hell you went through with the other soldiers, you barely said anything to them when you had the chance. You considered them your friends at least, did not mean you had to interact with them when it was not business. Your thoughts took up enough time.

You are in third team, a fireteam consisting of you, private Greene, private Dillicks, private Omerra and led by corporal Nimmin. Your fireteam is one of three in second squad, though there are too many soldiers who will have little interaction with you in a combat situation for you to have memorized. Dillicks must be your closest friend in the 101st if that is much. You occasionally talk to him about life, but that is about where it ends.

That was the past, this is the present.

You sit there, idly reading a book your mother has sent you from home, just your standard 'hardly got published fifty cent war story' that she found while looking around a book store. Still, it keeps your time and it is better than nothing. The only thing you know is this is the big surge into Europe. You will dive out of a plane hundreds of feet in the air at night and then regroup and destroy bunkers and AA guns to aid in the Normandy invasion. Simple enough.

Omerra tries to break the obvious tension in the room.

"Hey guys! I got a good one!"

"Not another one god fucking damn it." Shouts Nimmin over the engines, everyone was sick of his jokes and Nimmin was not a very happy guy to start.

"No no! This is a good one!"

"Just let the kid talk!" Shouts a guy in the back, an older man of at least forty, sergeant Deblen, your squad leader.

"Alright, so, two guys walk into a bar full of Krau-" begins Omerra, he is suddenly cut off at the sound of AA fire. He begins to continue but then tons of holes tear through his side of the plane. Several men slump over, covered in bullets, including Omerra. The plane begins to sag and sway from side to side as it loses control, the force of it suddenly tilting causes the book to fly from your hand, a bullet flies through the flying piece of text and barely avoids your shoulder as you duck down and try to cover your head. Through your forearms you see Omerra and three other soldiers slumped over in their seats. One other is hunched over, a man trying to comfort him as he screams in pain. The man next to you, some one called Helix, is dead with a star shaped hole in his right eye. Everyone is screaming out different things until Lieutenant Hanes tells everyone to shut up and stand up.

You all stand and check each others packs, the light flashes red and casts an ominous glow on the entire plane. The planes tilts even further and slowly you can see the ground taking up more of the view from the open door way.

The green suddenly flashes green after you all scream clear, the first man jumps out, then the second, then the third. You are the sixth and stand at the door way, everything going in a blur. You brace yourself and prepare to jump as the lieutenant screams for you to go. You want to but your legs refuse to budge, you have never been this high in your life and you are staring straight at hell. You hear more people screaming and look behind you, everyone is yelling at you to go.

Suddenly the engine of the plane explodes, a fire engulfs the back as everyone presses away from it. The planes slow tilt begins to quicken, the lieutenant is screaming in your ear and everyone is being trapped between you and the fire. You realize thirty seconds have passed, thirty seconds too long and hate your self as your legs finally loosen and you dive out of the plane.

You fall, spinning as your view quickly switches between the ground and the burning plane, contrasted on the dark blue sky. Feeling like you are about to puke, you desperately grab the wire on your parachute and pull, the white sheet like parachute flying out of the pack and stopping your free fall with a painful yank. After recovering, you look at land marks that show you a landing sight but see nothing but ground and other parachutes. Finally you make out three distinct features.

Adrenaline is pumping! +20 MP!

Health 100 Equipment:

Parachute, Carbine M1-A1 (100), Grenade (3), Trench Knife, Helmet.

MP 120
Level 0
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