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You let go of his mouth and shove his head into your cock before he can scream. He is already naked and you can see his hardon rising from the situation. You simply grunt and push him into your cock while thrusting forward, not letting him know how much of a bitch you think he is for getting hard. You moan as he fills you up well and you push his dick against his belly so he can cum faster. You don't care about him, you just want to absorb him faster. You can feel him humping against the walls of your dick and you almost let out a chuckle until a moan forces its way out of you. You only took the medication yesterday and you had no idea how good this felt until now. A rush of pride goes through you as you watch his legs kick weakly from your cock. You watch his legs get slurped like noddles and pant softly as you begin to feel the same pleasure he is about to. The pills make it so that you can feel the same sensations as the prey before it turns into jizz. The process is impossible if the prey has cum in their own nuts at the same time however, so they are always completely emptied. You didn't even care enough to wonder how and all you thought was how good it was going to feel. Soon, you feel an intense streak of pleasure shoot through you, forcing you to sit. You grab your cock and begin to jack off, but you can't cum until your prey does as well. You moan and buck on the ground as you are continually denied release, until you suddenly feel it coming. You throw your head back and moan loudly as gallons of cum erupt from your dick. You lean back in ecstacy as you continue to cum. You feel your orgasm start to taper off and you groan as the largest orgasm you have ever had comes to a close. You lay there for a minute to let yourself recover before looking forward to see an empty room. No huge amounts of cum, just you and the kid who sucked you off. You stare down in shock at your watermelon sized scrotum, and realize you never actually came. You just felt what your prey was feeling. Now that you know the truth, you think about where you could find more people to put into your cock. Or take care of your swelling balls.

Go to the bathrooms

Go to the gym1

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