(One year later)

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up, in a plush royal bed. You feel as the Fairy Queen said, like you agreed only a second ago.

Welcome back. While you were gone, Vion has flourished. Quickly, I shall describe it to you.

To the north of the kingdom is Oshnot, peaceful with you.

To the west is the Long Sea.

To the east is the Forest, still dangerous deeper in.

To the south is the kingdom Lyson, who is neutral, but may be hostile in the future.

All borders of the kingdom, except the west, have a great wall, with guards posted every half mile, and gates in and out all around.

The capital city, where the castle, which you are in, is in the center, simply called Castel. It is large, thriving.

There are four other major cities, ruler by 4 baronesses under you.

North is Malak, ruled by Alyss.

South is Defnot, ruled by Maine.

West is Windcram, ruled by Jayme.

East is Lumster, ruled by Skye.

More information can be found in you Book, in which I have made notes, which only you can read.I have given you knowledge of ruling and power, so you are ready to be on your own. Seek me out if needed, young one.

With that, the Fairy Queen left your mind. You were on your own. Getting up, you...

Go to your Castle

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