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Krystal reaches up and gives the Sharpclaw a kick to the gut, but only then realizes that she's made a huge mistake- she had no idea how many there were. She gave a quick count of at least five, and realized that she had no hope of beating them in a fight. Before she could even hope to turn around, they were upon her.

They began by tearing her tribal armor off and throwing her to the ground like an animal. Well, to them, that's what she was. Once they had stripped her and tossed her on the ground lying face up, four each grabbed a limb while the last one dropped his loincloth revealing his enormous shaft. She ceased fighting for a moment in sheer amazement and lost awareness of her situation while she stared at his cock. But she woke back into reality when he shoved it down her throat. She immediately screamed, gagged, and began to tear up as he choked her. She heard a groan as he shoved it as far in as he could, and she only responded with gags and inaudible shrieks. As he was in her throat, she could feel him swell up and press against the edge of her throat, cutting off her air supply. She then panicked and squirmed around even more, only to his delight. He tormented her by keeping it in for a few seconds prior to sliding out and finally giving her air. She took a gasp for breath but he immediately shoved back in. He quickened his pace, and slid in and out making her cough and gag around his gargantuan cock. Now tears streamed freely down her face and increased with each thrust. Finally he could take no more, and nearly burst, so he pulled out.

He switched positions with the nearest Sharpclaw who shoved an equally enormous shaft down her throat, and each Sharpclaw took their turn until everyone had a go. After 20 minutes of brutal facefucking, Krystal was gasping for air while the Sharpclaws pumped exorbitant amounts of testosterone throughout their bodies. With Krystal still weak, they turned her over and threw her on the ground again, this time face down. One Sharpclaw slid underneath her. Krystal woke from her daze when she felt his elephantine cock pressing against the entrance of her vagina. She was small for her species, and he was large for his, how the hell would he fit? He grabbed her ass with both hands, pulled her down, and thrusted up at the same time, generating enough force to penetrate her pussy. "NO NO NO AAAAAGH!" Krystal screamed in pain as she felt his meat stretch her. Once again, to her dismay, he began thrusting, causing her new sensations of pain and pleasure. "It's so big!" Krystal couldn't help thinking. But then her conscience kicked in and she realized how awful a situation in, and commenced screaming. one Sharpclaw didn't take too kindly to how loudly she was being, and shut her up by shoving his cock down her gullet. He made her mouth his bitch; he took her head with both his hands and violently thrust into her. Now there were three unsatisfied Sharpclaws. One saw an opportunity and lifted up her tail revealing her miniscule tail hole. She felt him begin to press into her and again squirmed and screamed. He realized that this was literally impossible without lubrication, so he dug into his backpack and found a pouch of some kind. Then he squeezed out a liquidy mixture into, onto, and around her ass. She felt it drip into her asshole and shuddered, while, on the outside, it gave her fur a bright sheen. Now the Sharpclaw tried to again push into her ass. It was slow, he only got a millimeter at a time, when he decided to firmly grab hold of her hips, and leap into the air to come down with all his force into her. It worked. She yelped loudly through a cock as he penetrated her. Now the three beasts rapidly shoved their oversized meat into her narrow holes- she could barely fit them as it was, but there were still two more Sharpclaws to be satisfied. But the one burrowing into her mouth couldn’t take any more, and he shot what must have been half a gallon of cum into her throat and onto her face. He backed off, exhausted.

The Sharpclaws decided to change positions. The defeated and dazed Krystal had no fight left in her, as they moved she barely squirmed. The two Sharpclaws sandwiched her between them, but they utilized the vixen's flexibility to stretch her legs over the shoulders of the Sharpclaw in front of her. Simultaneously, the two penetrated her ass and pussy. She leaned her head back onto the shoulder of the Sharpclaw behind her, rolled out her tongue, and closed her eyes. She was too tired to scream. The other two unsatisfied Sharpclaws stepped to either side of her and began to push into her ass. This was simply too much for the tiny vixen who was essentially a virgin an hour ago. One Sharpclaw backed off while the other pushed as hard as he could to slide his huge cock into her ass. He finally shoved in after minutes of struggle and again she gave a scream of pain. Then the two she leaned her back against moved to equally distribute her weight so that each held a shoulder and was off to the side. They couldn’t get a great angle into her, but their dicks were so long it didn’t matter. The three of the simultaneously propelled themselves into her for a good ten minutes until she gave constant outcries of pain and pleasure (but mostly pain). At this point, the last Sharpclaw could not watch anymore. He walked up behind her, jostled with the other two, and took her head so that she leaned back, parallel to the ground and facing up, but still suspended with her legs over the shoulders of the Sharpclaw destroying her pussy. This new Sharpclaw grabbed her behind her neck and thrust his meat into her mouth, slowly at first, but quickly he became relentless. Each thrust was so powerful she flew forward a few inches, only to be thrust back again by an enormous member on the other side.

With four huge cocks brutalizing her tiny body she felt powerless and dehumanized. She was nothing more than these huge beasts’ sex toy. They continued this ruthless abuse for an hour when they finally could take no more pleasure. They all dropped her on the ground like a piece of meat and drenched her in their cum. Each Sharpclaw carried about half a gallon, so when it was all over Krystal carried an extra two and a half gallons of sticky goo mated on her fur and inside her. They began the onslaught by soaking her voluptuous breasts. The beast who had been burrowing into her throat did the honors. She laid on the ground cowering in fear, embarrassment, and soreness, while he blew his load all over her chest. Then they turned her facing down toward the ground. The Sharpclaw who smashed her vagina stuck his member inside of her once again and came all over her chest. Then they turned her facing down toward the ground. The Sharpclaw who smashed her vagina stuck his member inside of her once again and came all over her chest. Then they turned her facing down toward the ground. The Sharpclaw who smashed her vagina stuck his member inside of her once again and came all over her chest. Then they turned her facing down toward the ground. The first Sharpclaws who rammed her ass came all over her ass cheeks and the insides of her thighs. The second stuck his cock into her ass for a second time and shot his cum into her ass. The Sharpclaw who smashed her vagina stuck his member inside of her once again and came inside her womb. The patrol took a moment to admire what they had done. Krystal lay there drenched with her head in her hands in the fetal position, and all her holes pumping out unreasonable amounts of cum from the vicious attack. The patrol laughed at how silly and whorish Krystal looked, and continued on, leaving Krystal, naked, shaking, and feeling absolutely disgusted.

Health Drenched in Cum Equipment:

Tribal Armour, Mace, Backpack, Rationed Food

MP 0
Level 0
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