(LoK) Search for the other Arwing (with food)

From Create Your Own Story

Krystal glances at the towards her Arwing. As much as she wants to go there, she knows that it won’t be fit to fly, and that is probably the first place the SharpClaw would look for her. No, she has to find Fox, and for that she has to head into the forest. Tightening the straps on her backpack, Krystal heads in what she thinks is the south-east and begins her search.

She walks in the dark forest for a couple of hours, keeping a lookout for Fox or any other living thing, but she finds nothing. Eventually she gives up, realizing that she isn’t going to make much progress in the dark. It’s better to wait ‘til the morning and search in the light. She soon comes to a small clearing with enough space for her to sleep, but she is starving and first she has to eat.

Looking at the pitiful amount of food she has, Krystal suddenly realises how hungry she is, and how little this food will do to fill her up. There is barely a day’s meal there, maybe two if she rations it. Her stomach growls angrily as she tries to decide how much to eat.

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour, Mace, Backpack, Food

MP 0
Level 0
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