(LoK) Hide where she is

From Create Your Own Story

Krystal dove into a brush of tall grass and prayed that the Sharpclaws wouldn't patrol in her direction- her blue vixen fur stood out and gave away her position if they came within a few yards. She peered through the grass and saw that the patrol was walking along the stream. She hoped that they would continue, but to her dismay, the patrol turned into the stream and waded across it. Now they were on track to walk only a few feet behind her, and it was too late for her to get up and run; they would surely catch her. While she was looking the other way, she could sense their proximity based on how loud they were. As they grew more boisterous she could tell that they were right behind her, and she willed herself to keep her tail down and hold her breath. And slowly, they grew quieter, until there was no noise at all. Krystal opened her eyes and allowed her tail to spring up in relief. Then a Sharpclaw behind her uttered "well what do we have here?"

Do you

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour, Mace, Backpack, Rationed Food

MP 0
Level 0
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