(LoK) Dive into the stream

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Without a chance to think, Krystal she dive into the stream for cover. The cold water knocks the breath from her, and she barely has time to surface for air before the SharpClaw pass by the river. She holds her breath for as long as she can, hoping desperately they do not stop by the stream. When she can stay under no longer, Krystal bursts from the water gasping for breath and crawls to the bank. Thankfully the SharpClaw are long gone, but Krystal is now freezing cold and her backpack has soaked through, spoiling the bread that was left in there. Now all that is left are three apples. Krystal isn’t sure whether to be upset or grateful she wasn’t found, but she decides the latter is probably more pragmatic.

Vowing to be more careful, Krystal again takes the stream on her right and heads along the bank, keeping an eye out for any more SharpClaw. Because she is being more careful, progress is slow, and by the time she next feels she has to stop to rest, the sun to starting to set.Kneeling at the edge of the stream, Krystal drinks from the river and washes her face. For a second she is sure she can see something at the bottom of the river, but she is distracted when she spots footprints on the other side of the river. Small feet, belonging to a fox or vixen by the looks of it. Two tracks, they came here twice. "Oh no...."

In the forest on the other side of the river she spots an all too familiar clearing. "How the fuck did I get back here? I kept the river on my right....oh." Realization hits her - as she climbed out of the river 3 hours ago, she was too desperate for air and warmth to pay much attention to which side of the river she had climbed out. So she had doubled back on herself again - that meant she had wasted another day and the only thing she achieved was to waste her already dwindling supply of food. Helplessness washes over her as she plods over to the clearing where she had last slept and prepares to eat what could be her final meal.

It isn’t yet as dark as when she arrived here the previous night and Krystal spots some mushrooms on the other side of the clearing. After bounding over to them in her excitement Krystal nearly swallows them whole, but is hit by a vile smell, emanating from the mushrooms.

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour, Mace, Backpack, Apples

MP 0
Level 0
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