From Create Your Own Story

A well-built policeman enters the room. "Sweet Jesus!" he exclaims when he sees your body. "I've never seen anything like this before." He takes a minute to gather himself.

The robed man comes over to you. Now that you are paying more attention to him, you notice that noone other than you can see him. He must be the grim reaper you think. "Actually a grim reaper," he says, reading your thoughts. "One is not nearly enough to keep up with all the deaths in the world. Ready to go?"
"Go?" you ask.
"To your judgement. When someone dies, their sins are weighed. If their sins are too heavy, they go to hell. If not, to heaven. Or perhaps you'd like to wait to see if your killer is caught." He starts taking off his robe. "I'll let you stay a while if you do me a favor." His robe drops, and you notice that under it, he wears no clothes.

You are: a female ghost
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