+College Revamped

From Create Your Own Story

You're a kissless virgin in the midst of his senior year in college. You have kind of accepted the fact that girls really just aren't in to you because, well, you just aren't attractive.

Today that is all going to change...

You are on your way to class and you trip over something on the sidewalk. You glance over and see that it is a rusty old lamp. You get back up and then everything around you starts to fade.

You wake up.

Puzzled, you look around and notice that you are in one of your old bedrooms. You check the date on your phone, as well as rummage through a few texts, and you realize that you've fallen back to sophomore year of college. You look in the mirror and realize you are now incredibly handsome.

How will you use your future knowledge? Your devilish looks? The world is your oyster.

Call someone in your phone

Get up and go to class

Go elsewhere in the city

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