"Obviously I have to take it. Who knows? Maybe it'll be easy."

From Create Your Own Story

Eunhye looks at you as if you grew another head. "Are you serious?"

You nod. "I'm smart. I can do this."

Your teacher, Mr. Son, hands out the tests and gives the class the signal to start. After writing your name at the top of the paper, you soon realize that you don't know the answers to the first ten questions and you begin to panic.

Luckily for you, the second smartest kid, as well as the most prepared, in class has his paper pushed to the side of his desk, so close that if you really tried, you'd be able to see the answers. Also, Mr. Son has his back turned, too busy checking and replying to his e-mail to supervise the test-taking.

It really is tempting. What will you do?

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