"Is Ancient Inca Curse behind Tourist Disappearances in Peru?"

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"MACHU PICCHU, PERU - Seven more tourists from various countries have vanished near the famous Incan ruins, marking the third mysterious mass disappearance from the area in as many weeks. Local officials have no clues to the whereabouts of the victims or the reasons for their sudden disappearance. When questioned as to whether foul play was suspected, the officials declined to comment. Other sources, however, whisper of a more sinister explanation - ancient Incan mummies and evil spirits, risen from the dead. Though self-proclaimed "respectable" scientists deny the existence of vengeful monsters, the rumors persist..."

You nod with interest as you continue reading. This sounds like the perfect choice for your first adventure. Movies like The Mummy and video games where you killed undead creatures have always fascinated you. You begin making reservations and arrangements, including for your home to be taken care of. You don't know how long you'll be gone. You smile with anticipation as you pull your suitcase out of the closet and begin packing.

Three days later, you're on your way. From Charlotte, you fly first to Miami, then to Lima, the capital of Peru, and from there to Cuzco, the nearest large city to your final destination. You arrive in Cuzco late in the evening and check into a hotel.

As you sit in your hotel room, reading about the Inca ruins as well as more articles about the disappearances of the tourists, you begin thinking about what to do next.

Health {{{Health}}} Equipment:

All the things you brought in your large suitcase

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