"I have to confess something."

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"I have to confess something." You say serious.

"Is it something important?" Replies Marzia.

"Yes, it is."

"Okay, go on."

"I have had a crush on someone else apart from my girlfriend Chelsea..."

"... for 3 years."

"Oh... and who was it?"

"It was you, Marzia."

She gasps in shock, at least she tries because you can see that she always kind of knew.

"I also had a crush on someone for a long time."

"And who was it?"

"You, Thomas."

As she says that your lips meet and you start kissing. The most passionate kiss you have ever gave someone ever, the culmination of two crushes lasted years. Your tongues wrap and you hug each other tight, tighter than with your parents or brothers or sisters.

The kiss seems to last forever, until it is interrupted by the cabin door opening.

You quickly hop out and take a taxi to the hotel. You later have lunch and have to decide what to do in the afternoon.

Do you decide to

Have another ride on the ferris wheel and experience that kiss again


Stay in your bedroom and rest

Health Deeply in Love Equipment:


MP 0
Level 2

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