"Do you like me?"

From Create Your Own Story

"Do you like me?" You ask her.

"What do you mean by that?" She replies.

You take your time to organize what you have to say, then finally start. "I know we are friends. We are, right?"

"Of course Thomas."

"Well, I hoped that... maybe... we were... more than friends?"

"Like, that kind of friends?"


"But don't you already have a girlfriend?"

"Yes but... I always kind of preferred you..." You pause, hoping that she doesn't start laughing at you.

Instead, she kisses you. "Yes!", you think as you kiss her back passionately.

Time passes and you keep kissing as the wheel rotates, your tongues hugging each other as much as you are doing with each other's body.

You both come back to reality as you hear the door of the cabin open. You quickly jump out and call a cab to go back to the hotel.

Later you have lunch and are faced with two choices for what to do in the afternoon:

Have another ride on the ferris wheel and experience that kiss again


Stay in your bedroom and rest

Health Deeply in Love Equipment:


MP 0
Level 2

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