"Do you know Chelsea?"

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"Do you know Chelsea?" You ask her.

"Ah, yes, Chelsea. We don't get along well." She replies.

"Did you know that she is my girlfriend?"

"Yes... I know..."

You pause as she looks away, clearly bothered by your words.



"Can I tell you a secret? A secret I've been keeping for a long time?"

"Why to me?"

"Because you're the only one who will understand."

"Alright, go on."

You pause, then say "I love you, Marzia."

She gasps, clearly surprised by what you said.

"What?" She replies in shock.

"I love you." You made it clear this time.

"Me too."

Now you're both in shock, and the only thing you can do is kiss.

A kiss that seems to last forever, your tongues hugging each other, you hugging each other, both of you thinking "How could this be?".

Then you come back to reality and see that the ground is near.

"Time to go." You tell her to "wake" her up.

She slowly stands up and in an instant you're out of the cabin and into a taxi headed for the hotel. Your mind is still stressed and trying to work out what happened in that cabin, so you don't notice her hand resting on yours until she turns your head towards her and kisses you.

Your mind suddenly clears out every bad emotion and what is left is just pure love towards Marzia. You are so into that kiss that you don't notice the cab stopping at the hotel and the driver has to call you multiple times until you finally start listening to him. You pay then the two of you go off to lunch.

After lunch, you can choose to either

Have another ride on the ferris wheel and experience that kiss again


Stay in your bedroom and rest

Health Deeply in Love Equipment:


MP 0
Level 2

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