"Aliens Responsible for Unexplained Massacre of Antarctic Researchers?"

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"CAMP 403, ANTARCTICA - Officials still have no answers to a horrific and gory massacre at a small, remote research outpost in Antarctica. Five members of the seven-person research team were found brutally slaughtered, while the other two are missing. Could this be a case of the remoteness and isolation driving someone to mass murder, or is a more...exotic factor at work here? Could (unconfirmed) reports of strange blue lights and reptilian claw wounds indicate an extraterrestrial origin to this savage crime?"

You immediately perk up with interest. Aliens, especially hostile aliens, have always fascinated you. Growing up, you loved the X-Files so much that you actually enjoyed staying home on Friday nights to watch it, and you considered Independence Day your favorite movie for many years. You begin making reservations and arrangements, including for your home to be taken care of. You don't know how long you'll be gone. You smile with anticipation as you pull your suitcase out of the closet and begin packing.

Four days later, you are waiting at the airport in Christchurch, New Zealand. You've already been on a five-hour flight from Charlotte to Los Angeles, a 14-hour flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, and finally a thankfully short hop from Auckland on the North Island here to Christchurch on the South. You still have a flight of several hours ahead of you down to McMurdo Station, the largest base in Antarctica. And finally, from there you can hopefully make it out to Camp 403 to find answers. You still haven't been able to finalize that part of your travel plans.

At least you can get to Antarctica. It's difficult for ordinary civilians to get access to the Antarctic bases, especially this early in the season. It's October and the Antarctic spring is just beginning. But your wealth has provided you with connections, and they were able to arrange this flight for you on short notice.

Your ride to McMurdo turns out to be an ancient-looking cargo plane that has clearly seen its share of polar weather. Most of the aircraft is filled with gear for the base, but there are three other passengers. As the crew gets ready for takeoff, the four of you try to make yourselves comfortable in the makeshift seats and go through the round of introductions.

A tall, muscular, good-looking man introduces himself as Mike Robinson. He's an ex-Navy SEAL who's being brought in as a security consultant in regard to the murders. Dr. Holly Strand is a slender, pretty blonde whose husband is one of the two missing researchers. And finally, Buster Bullard, a short, thin, bald man, is a somewhat well-known YouTube personality who has been sponsored by a well-funded skeptic organization to debunk rumors of aliens from outer space.

Buster spends most of the flight rambling, mostly to himself, about how space aliens don't exist and humans are alone in the universe. Holly, after announcing that she wishes to be by herself, sits alone in a corner, lost in thought.

With the pilot and copilot being the only other people on the plane, that leaves you and Mike to chat. You ask him many questions about his career as a SEAL, while he inquires about your experiences in the business world. Although you know it's not the time to be thinking about it, you can feel a certain amount of sexual energy between the two of you. You find yourself attracted to his genuine strength (as opposed to the phony machismo you've gotten from so many guys who have tried to ask you out) and you can tell he has the hots for you too.

With the good conversation, the flight passes quickly, and before you know it you are landing at McMurdo Station. You and your fellow passengers step out into a white, icy world far different from anything you have seen before. Frozen mountains, most of which have never been climbed, and vast ice sheets stretch off into the distance. You try to take it all in. It's hauntingly beautiful. With emphasis on the hauntingly, you think as you remember why you've come.

A young, uniformed man greets you. "Welcome to Antarctica. Please follow me. One of the base officials will fill you in on what's been going on."

Mike and Buster follow him, but Holly says, "I already know all the details and I'd rather not go over them again, especially with...you know."

"I understand, Dr. Strand," says the uniformed man. He motions to a similarly attired fellow. "He can show you to your quarters then." The man then looks at you. "How about you, Miss Hart?"

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