World of Ashes

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It was the mass panic which brought the world to a screeching halt. Cities were slaughter grounds that few crawled away from. What the rioters didn't take the flames would consumed. After years civilization had reached a tipping point. They said it was a disease. Something like rabies that would cause the infected to brutally attack others to spread the infection. It wasn't like in the moves where the dead would rise and feast on the living, it was just nature doing what it did best. Some said earth was done with mankind, others say God was displeased, but feel free to make up your own belief. Regardless of what you think it doesn't really matter much in the end. The world is fucked and you're one of the last untainted humans in existence... how fucked is humanity?

You were around the start of it. The news reports of people be mauled to death, the riots, and fires. Luckily you only saw it second hand from what the news and other media could tell you. At the time you were safely locked away some where safe from the rest of the world. You had applied to be tested on. Experimental drugs, operations, new technologies and product testing. It was a job, nothing special, and it paid the bills, who would have thought it would save your life. While others were toiling in the streets and cowering in their homes you were being prepared for cryogenic slumber. The device itself was still in its early stages as it wasted far to much resources to be efficient but worked none the less. They had told you the test would only be for 24 hours and afterwards they would shut off the device... but that was 40 years ago as you were quick to learn sometimes after waking once again.

The recording from before must have been from one of the scientist in the facility here. You can't help but think they don't have much faith in you... their probably right. You were never an honor student, athletic, or even really popular. You were the average citizen who went to work from 9-5, paid bills, slept and then died at the rip age of 77. Even up to this point your luck had been average as well but life sometimes throws you a bone.

After leaving the facility the new world which you found yourself in was baffling. Nothing was like it was before. Decay had set in, roads were cracked and warped, lights no longer shined, and there wasn't a soul in sight aside from the infected. You weren't sure exactly what they were when you first saw them. Deformed, limping, with rasping screams under their breath. Like monsters in human skin. There were a few incidents were you were almost killed by these beasts but luck held strong on your shoulders.

For months you thought you were the last healthy human alive until you came across a band of survives making their way across the country. It was a relief to know you weren't alone, that humanity was still alive at least in some fashion. There was four of them in the group. Daniel, 36, tough son of a bitch that used to work as a butcher. Benny, some 15 year old punk kid who thinks the world owes him one. Shara, 23, college degree in liberal arts, worked as a waitress. And last Jewel, 12 year old school girl that lost her parents a few months back. Having seen no one else you are quick to cling to the group never knowing when you might find another.

Do you:

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