Witch of Egypt

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Author Notes:

Hello and welcome to Witch of Egypt! This story will center around Shani, a buxom and mature magic user with the ability to grow a cock at will. The main concept behind this story is catering to the milf and futanari fetishes. Influences that I will be borrowing from are primarily hentai's where the character can magically grow a penis, such as Bible Black. The protagonist, Shani, and the setting are both heavily influenced by the excellent game Legend of Queen Opala, which I highly suggest everyone checks out.

The game will begin in a fictionalized version of the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis. It is ruled by the young and beautiful Queen Isis. For the purposes of this story it is filled with thousands of people, from slaves to nobles, as well as visitors from far off lands. There are magic and monsters aplenty and anything can happen so let your imagination run wild!

This story will be open to public editing, which I thoroughly look forward to, I simply ask that you please try and retain the spirit of the story, which you should pick up on in the first few pages. I also reserve the right to delete any entries which I don't feel are appropriate or are poorly written. (Try and use good grammar and punctuation but don't worry if it's not perfect, mine certainly isn't!)

Finally, please use the status bar and appropriate WoE tag before any story options. (Just copy and paste the formatting from a previous page if you have trouble!)

On with the show!:

Status Fine Equipment


Location Unknown
Cock Hidden
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