Witch's Power

From Create Your Own Story

"She couldn't have gotten far! Fetch that witch and bring her to me, men!", you hear a commanding voice shout, somewhere in the darkness behind you. That bastard just doesn't know when to give up!

You weren't planing on having to flee for your life tonight. The tight, black and red corset and long dress you are wearing, although excellent at showing off your petite figure and accentuating your small, pert breasts, are not so good for a run through the forest at night. Not to mention your high heeled boots. At least you have your heavy, black hooded cloak to keep yourselves concealed in the heavy darkness of the night. You pull the hood of your cloak up over your head to cover your shoulder length, dark red hair, and the pale white hue of your skin. That should at least make it hard for them to spot you as they clamor through these dark woods.

What to do now? You can hear the count's men clomping their way through the underbrush, fanning out in search of you. At least you know you won't have to worry about any of these thugs sneaking up on you. You could probably just slip away into the night before these fools found any trace of you, and make your way to the ritual. The way this count has been hunting you though, your quite sure he won't be giving up any time soon. He may even be willing to pay the extreme cost to contract a blood hound to hunt you down...perhaps it's time you eliminate this threat before it gets out of control.

Just a quick note here to explain some elements of the story, if you want you can ignore this and get on with the story, I won't mind, really. In this story you are a sexy little witch in a medieval type setting. I say medieval type, because I am, in no way, trying to be authentic. This is happening in a made up world, so everyone is going to speak however I feel like making them speak, and some things, like women's panties, will be more modern because...well it's just sexier that way ( apologies to everyone who gets turned on by frilly shorts and girls wearing ten layers under a dress ) I will probably open this up to let others contribute at some point, when I feel there is enough of a base for people to work off of. Anyways thanks for reading and let me know what you think! -Fmonkey

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