Wishful Thinking

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Story taken from Chyoo2 since that site is dead and this story was good. Please continue it.

The day is bright and sunny. You are on your way to school, taking your time to appreciate the sights of the bustling people moving around to get to where they might need to be. Upon passing an alleyway, you are alerted by a muffled scream of distress.

You move in to investigate. You discover a girl. Her clothes are shredded and there is a large thug looking to have his way with her. The petite redhead spots you and pleads for help. This alerts the thug who turns to you. "So, you wanna play too, huh?"

Uh oh, this guy seems to be a little too enthusiastic...

The giant man grabs a pipe from a pile of nearby trash and approaches you. "I'm gonna pound your face in so hard you won't see nothin' and won't say nothin'" he grinned.

You give a sigh of relief, "Whew, I though you meant you were going to try and nail me."

"I am, right into the wall"

"No, I mean fuck"


"Oh, I'm not good enough for you?" Of course, after blurting this out, you realize it was probably a good thing. This guy isn't exactly your type after all.

"He wasn't raping me, he was after this!" She bursts out, showing a pendant on her nice big exposed breasts.

"That's what I was looking for!" the thug exclaims. He turns back to the girl. Now, knowing yourself to be a decent, law-abiding citizen, you couldn't just let this bully have what he wanted. So, using you ninja-like skill you pick up the biggest rock you can find and whip it right at the thug.


And the big man goes down.

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