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You're a happily married man in his mid-thirties. Average height & build, dark hair, blue eyes, and probably not as endowed as you'd want. Your slightly younger wife, Aimee, is roughly five feet tall with long dark brown hair, dark eyes, an hourglass figure and heavy chest and backside, though she tends to hide her assets with her clothes. Although she has a perfect figure, it was her gorgeous dimpled smile that you fell in love with.

You married Aimee ten years ago and had a seven day honeymoon overseas. Although the relationship started with copious amounts of sex, once you landed a job, you've find yourself too tired to maintain the standard bedroom activities, although Aimee doesn't seem to mind. You've previously attempted to spice up the sex life by suggesting to bring in toys, however Aimee is very shy and flatly refuses. Although you have been married for ten years, you are still without children, as you want to have financial security.

You work full-time in an office within the city, as you have been for the last eight years. A new position has recently opened as a staff manager, which you've had your eye on for the last year, so you've been working particularly hard and have spent many days overtime in the office. Aimee, although slightly disappointed that she can't spend more time with you, seems to understand.

This weekend a business conference is taking place in another state. It isn't compulsory but you know that showing your face in front of the higher ups would display initiative, and would improve your chances of getting that promotion. You already told Aimee last week that you'd be gone for a couple days over the weekend and are now packing your suitcase. You've packed most of your things that you'll need, but you still need to pack your laptop. You quickly find it under Aimee's pillow, where it usually is. As you're about to pack it away, you notice she has left it on. As you're about to turn it off, you realise her facebook and e-mails are open. Aimee is in the shower.

What do you do?

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