Whoring it All

From Create Your Own Story

Note: If you are are sensitive, leave. This story isn’t for you as it will contain some stuff that will offend and I, as the creator, won’t stop it. (Once I’m done starting with stuff) It’s other people’s decision to write these stories and as long as they fit the rules of the site, I don’t care.

Welcome to my erotic chose your own adventure story. Here you’ll choose a character and basically give yourself free reign to go around and partake in all sorts of sexual activities, to your little heart’s desire. You can do pretty much anything you want, within the limits of the setting you choose of course, but things could get pretty crazy. While there will more than likely be characters who appear in multiple storylines, the actual stories themselves are not meant to connect: each branch is its own story, with little, more often than not no connection at all to any other paths, except for the ones that cam before it.

Before you get down to choosing a character, you need to decide what setting you want to play in. This will basically determine what you can or cannot do reasonably as a character. So a character in a modern setting won’t set be casting fireballs, and a primitive character won’t be firing laser pistols. That’s pretty much the basic gist of it. There may also be sub-settings within a setting, depending on what it is. Otherwise, as long as a story path complied with the site's rules, it should be good to go (of course, the story’s private so don’t, but that’s temporary (Disclaimer for storytellers)). Have fun, and go get laid.

So with that in mind, what sort of setting are you looking for?

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