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Hiya -

Editting notes: This is just a cover page, so feel free to skip the rest of this if you just want to read. For those of you interested in editing, the rules are pretty simple... your character (feel free to make another if you want) has had a more or less normal life, but they're about to find out that in order to make it through the next couple days, they're going to have to put out... a lot... for the smallest things... Also, the characters all live in the same town (as big or little as we make it) so feel free to intertwine them. If you want to get your character to a completely different location... just send them "on vacation". Beyond all that, feel free to take your stories wherever you want. After all, that's the point of this site :). Oh, and start all links with WIO please, to keep everything more or less organized. Oh, and this is just a suggestion, but I'm trying to make this as "RPGish" as possible by using the status indicators, etc. (Numbers in the links = dollars) You obviously don't have to do this with your characters, but don't wreck it if you see it being used, please.

Now that that's said, go to it!


  • Josie: A 16-year old blonde girl.
  • Kara: A 16-year old redheaded girl.

Locations: (For later).

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