Whatever master wishes

From Create Your Own Story

I am unit 1, the first model of the highly anticipated sex bots. Thanks to recent developments in artificial intelligence you are able to understand and fulfill any wish my owner has for me. Not only that but due to a gene found in a previously undiscovered animal you are able to change my form with ease. You click off the advert with excitement for the last week you have eagerly awaiting your very own sex bot and now it's finally arrived. Energy surges through me as at last I'm finally powered on. I blink several times to adjust my optical settings to the new environment. Before me stands my new master. "You work!" You exclaims excitedly "Greetings master what is your wish." I respond dutifully courtseying. Your trousers now tented. "Better do something simple to test" Trying to keep yourself calm. "Give me a handjob." "Sorry master phrase must be entered first." " Oh right let me try again I wish for..."

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