Wet Nightmare

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(This is a story features graphic content meant for the reading pleasure of gay men. This story features elements of Non-Consensual Sex, you are uncomfortable with the subject matter, I highly advise you stop reading up to this point. If you are under the age of 18 or 21 depending on your region, I suggest to stop reading right now)

The road was empty and the sky got grayer and dull. You're driving from college after a long semester, getting ready to spend your summer relaxing. You're a young Hispanic man by the name of Rodriguez. A football player with the body to match, athletic and sculpted with muscles, standing at 5'11" with a hairless body. You're currently driving down the road on your way to meet with some friends to go on a road trip on the side of the country.

All you could think about was your sexual awakening during high school after seeing your friend, Johnathan naked before a football game. Seeing his chiseled muscles, wet and slick, his well defined ass and long cut cock dangling in the shower. You never were interested in women, but you knew that that moment was when you knew that you needed cock.

Just thinking about it got you tensed up as your boner stretched out your shorts. You take one hand off of the wheel to rub yourself to ease that tension. Biting your lip thinking about John's dick slapping your face as water runs down your slick naked body, while he stands over you.

You unzip your pants to let out your cock, with your attention divided between driving and masturbating to your imagination. In your mind, he holds your chin with his thumb sliding in between your lips, inviting you to give it a lick. His dick lays right on your face, and his balls up against your nose, smelling the sweat from the game you played.

In the car, you rub your member faster as precum drips down on the side, lubricating your hand

You imagine how he pulls you up to your feet as he slides his hands to your back while he looks into your eyes.

Then out of nowhere, he turns you around and slams you into the wall without warning. You look back and the tender look in his eyes was gone, replaced with a predatory grin on his face. The feeling of passion was washed away when his grip felt constricting. He lifts his knee up to push your waist against the wall with your dick pushed up painfully trying to get back up.

"John, what are you doing?! Wait!" Despite your protests, he doesn't stop. He holds your body with his, arms pushed up further while his cock presses up against your ass. "You've been looking at my dick for a while now haven't you? Been a little faggot for a while now huh?" He says taking one hand to grip his dick as he lines it up to your anus.

It doesn't feel right anymore, you thought he had feelings for you too, what's going on?

"You want this too don't you? Let daddy give you what you want". His voice changed after those words. It doesn't feel like John's behind you anymore. Struggling to turn your head back, the body holding you up against the wall isn't him anymore. You now see the man that first molested you when you were younger.

He aims his cock up to your hole while you struggle, before he drives the whole thing in in one thrust

You gasp as you take in your surroundings when you start to hear thunder in the distance. Your back in your car and you barely notice yourself veering off the side before yanking the wheel back to the road. Taking a moment to reorient yourself, your hands covered in cum. The clouds got grayer during your fantasy and the rain starts to drizzle.

'I thought after all those years, I was over him? Why am I still thinking about him?' Your heart skips a beat as you think back to that warped memory.

Ring!Ring!Ring! The noise from your phone goes off. You wipe down your hand on your pants to clean the cum off before picking back up your phone

You grab it while trying to keep your eyes on the road to prevent another incident. Looks like its from Danny, another longtime friend of yours. Bit of a twink without much in muscles, but the guy's appealing in his own way.

"Hey man! You on your way back? Mi Abuela's got some extra food here and she's looking for someone to take some with her. Wanna come by and grab some?"

"Uh sure thing Danny". You think to yourself that maybe you should put the phone down so that you could concentrate on driving. The rain is starting to come down harder and the lighting doesn't feel too comfortable to be careless while driving. On the other hand, maybe you want to keep talking to him to keep your mind off of that daydream you had.

Do you


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