Wasteland Survival Guide

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Welcome to the Wasteland Survival Guide fellow travelers.

Lead Author and Subject Matter Expert: Lone Wanderer Assistant Author: Moira Brown

This indispensable guidebook contains everything that a survivor in the wasteland could need to know.

Every page contains a gem of brilliant insight into how to survive in the wastes, thrive among its denizens, and revive your survivor community.

This exceptional guide can not only save your life, but may even inspire you to reach for the lost greatness of the prewar era.

Please find your appropriate chapters below:

The basics: food and medicine, dealing with radiation, and dealing with pain.

Dangerous creates and how to recover from their attacks.

Towns and cities: Getting to know your location, and how it came to be.

Note from the author of the guide you are currently reading: We apologize, but Moria never completed additional chapters after the unfortunate incident. It appears the atomic bomb in her home town detonated, and she has been turned into a ghoul. She has lost all interest in continuing her work since her ghoulification, so other authors have continued.

Factions in the waste:

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